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Sylvan H. Chasen

Analytic Geometry; Computer graphics

George Soros

Economic aspects; Economic aspects of Globalization; Globalization; International Monetary Fund; International economic relations; International finance; International trade; World Bank; World Trade Organization

Neil Turnbull

Hadley Wickham

Plot (Graphische Darstellung); Graphic methods; Visualisierung; R (Computer program language); Graphische Darstellung; R (Programm); Datenanalyse

John McPhee

Accessible book; Short stories; In library; Protected DAISY

Amir D. Aczel

Cosmology; Relativity (Physics); Cosmologie; Relativité (Physique); Kosmologie; Astrofysica; Accessible book; Protected DAISY; In library

Tara Calishain

Computer software; Google; Handbooks, manuals; Handbooks, manuals, etc; Internet programming; Internet searching; Reusability; Web search engines; Protected DAISY

Mark Jury

Arteriosclerosis; Biography; Terminal care; Terminally ill; Tugend family; Personal narratives; Protected DAISY; In library


Tim Bogenn

Computer games; Video games; Accessible book; Protected DAISY

Kevin Forseth

Architectural drawing; Architectural rendering; Architecture; Composition, proportion; Perspective; Technique