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Maurice Davau

Dirk Schellberg

Didjeridu; Music; Aboriginal Australians; History and criticism

John C. Polking

Differential equations

C. H. Edwards

Differential equations; Boundary value problems; Protected DAISY; Accessible book

Manfredo Perdigàƒo do Carmo

Curves; Differential Geometry; Geometry, Differential; Surfaces

Evan I Schwartz

Electronic commerce; Internet marketing; World Wide Web; Electronic Commerce; Marketing; Accessible book; Protected DAISY; In library

Jeremy Birn

Lighting; Computer animation; Computer graphics; Three-dimensional display systems

George Maestri

Computer animation

Albert Paul Malvino

Electronic digital computers; Microcomputers; Intel 8085 (Microprocessor); Protected DAISY

Rafael C. Gonzalez

Digital techniques; Image processing; Protected DAISY; In library

M. Morris Mano

Electronic digital computers; Logic circuits; Logic design; Digital integrated circuits; Computer; Logische Schaltung; Accessible book; Protected DAISY; In library

David D. Busch

Handbooks, manuals; Digital techniques; Photography; Digital video; Video tapes; Data processing; Editing; Image processing; OverDrive; Nonfiction; Protected DAISY; In library

Albert Paul Malvino

Electronic digital computers; Circuits; Digital electronics; Protected DAISY

Richard E. Gasperini

Donald Knuth

Computer fonts; Computerized typesetting; Data processing; METAFONT; Printing; TeX (Computer file)