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Chad Carter

Charles Richard Johnson

Fiction; Slave trade; African Americans; History; Accessible book; Protected DAISY; In library; Afro-Americans; Slave-trade

Jim Kerrigan

FORTRAN 90 (Computer program language)

Shon Harris

Hakim Bey.

Seymour Papert

Computer-assisted instruction; Mathematics; Accessible book; Protected DAISY; Computergestuurd onderwijs; Basisonderwijs; Étude et enseignement (Primaire); Enseignement assisté par ordinateur; Mathématiques; LOGO; In library

Murray P. Rosenthal

Amateurs' manuals; Miniature electronic equipment; Solder and soldering

John S. Lewis

William Zebulon Foster

Labor unions; Working class

Marion Zimmer Bradley

Fiction; Arthurian romances; Arthur, in fiction; Avalon (Legendary place); Adaptations; Kings and rulers; Britons in fiction; Kings and rulers in fiction; Britons; Great Britain in fiction; History; Accessible book; Protected DAISY; OverDrive; Fantasy; In library

Edward L. Safford

Radio control systems; Models and modelmaking

DeWitt G. Ong

Integrated circuits; Metal oxide semiconductors

Joachim von zur Gathen

Algebra; Computer algorithms; Computer science; Data processing; Mathematics

John Markus

Handbooks, manuals; Electronic circuits; Integrated circuits

Andrew S. Tanenbaum

Operating systems (Computers); Protected DAISY; Accessible book; Besturingssystemen; İşletim sistemleri (Bilgisayarlar)