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George Yule

Linguistics; Language and languages; Accessible book; Protected DAISY; OverDrive; Language Arts; Nonfiction; Taal; Linguistique; Langage et langues; In library

Kaja Silverman

Communication; Sex differences; Psychoanalysis; Discourse analysis; Semiotics

Michal Zalewski

COMPUTERS / Networking / Security; COMPUTERS / Internet / Security; Computer networks; Browsers (Computer programs); COMPUTERS / Web / Browsers; COMPUTERS / Networking / General; COMPUTERS / Security / Cryptography; COMPUTERS / Security / General; Computer security; COMPUTERS / Networking / Network Protocols; Security measures; COMPUTERS / Web / Web Programming; COMPUTERS / Security / Viruses

David Maier

Database management; Relational databases

Charles Stross

Clans; Nuclear weapons; Fiction

Texas Instruments

Lee Smolin

Methodology; Physics; String models; History

Mike Wilks

Alphabet; English language; Pictorial works; English Painting; Modern Painting; Rhyme

Grady Booch

Development; UML (Computer science); Computer software; Logiciels; Engenharia de programacao (software); UML (Informatique); Développement; UML; Accessible book; Protected DAISY; In library

David J. Perdue

Design and construction; LEGO toys; Programming; Robots

Jonathan Knudsen

Robots; Popular works; LEGO toys; Programming; Design and construction; Robotics; Protected DAISY

John Sasuga

Photoelectric cells; Solar batteries; Selenium cells

Edward R. Tufte

Audio-visual aids; Graphic methods; Statistics; Estatistica Descritiva; Tableaux, graphiques; Méthodes graphiques; Grafische voorstellingen; Matematica; Audiovisual Aids; Kwantitatieve gegevens; Statistique; Methods; Accessible book; Protected DAISY; Diagramm; Art; Data Display; Statistics as Topic; Computer Graphics; Visualisierung; Graphische Darstellung; Méthode graphique; Statistik

Will Schroeder

Object-oriented programming (Computer science); Computer graphics; Visual programming (Computer science)

Sara Douglass

Prophecies; Voyages and travels; Women adventurers; Fiction; Protected DAISY; In library