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Michael Joseph Miller

Linux; Operating systems (Computers)

Roderick W. Smith

Operating systems (Computers); Linux

Robert Love

Computer Technology; Linux; Nonfiction; Operating systems (Computers); OverDrive; Professional; Technology

Linux; Operating systems (Computers); Application software

Rob Flickenger

Client/server computing; Linux; Protected DAISY

John Purcell

John Lions

Operating systems (Computers); UNIX (Computer file)

John F. Rhodes

Clark, Donald H.; Donald Henry Clark

Gays; Homosexuality

Matt Visser

Quantum gravity; General relativity (Physics); Quantum field theory

Phillip C. McGraw

Psychological aspects of Love; Man-woman relationships; Love; Dating (Social customs); Psychological aspects; Accessible book; Protected DAISY

William Stanek

Derek Melber

Gerry Kane

Reduced instruction set computers; MIPS R2000 series microprocessors; Computer architecture