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Virginia Woolf

Fiction; Sex role in fiction; Sex role; History; Transsexuals in fiction; Transsexuals; Nobility in fiction; England in fiction; Nobility; Women in fiction; Men; Men in fiction; Women; England; Facsimiles; Historia; Ficción; Sackville-West, V. in fiction; Gender identity in fiction; Characters and characteristics in literature; Textual Criticism; Mujeres; Hombres; Gender identity; Characters and characteristics in literature in fiction; English Manuscripts; Manuscripts; OverDrive; Literature

Alfred Haas

Cathode ray oscillographs

Robert Waterman McChesney

Communication internationale; International Communication; Aspect social; Médias; Mass media; Protected DAISY

Heike Schommartz

English; German language; Grammar; Textbooks for foreign speakers

Paul Hudson

Internet programming; PHP (Computer program language); Protected DAISY

Accessible book; Protected DAISY; Internet programming; Web sites; Design; PHP (Computer program language)

Morton, John

Circuits; Design and construction; Integrated circuits; Microcomputers; Microelectronics; Programmable controllers

John Iovine

D. W. Smith

Programmable controllers

Steve Martin

Alton, John.

Cinematography; Lighting; Photography; Protected DAISY

Peter S. Pacheco

Parallel programming (Computer science)