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Amanda Theunissen

Guidebooks; Protected DAISY

Rob Heinsoo

William Schick

FORTRAN 90 (Computer program language)

Keith Thomson

Fossils; Popular works; Fossilization

Isaac Asimov

Psychohistory; In library; Open Library Staff Picks; Accessible book; Life on other planets; Hari Seldon (Fictitious character); Fiction; Science Fiction; OverDrive; Protected DAISY

Portable computerized instruments; Flash (Computer file)

Aaron Ross

3ds max (Computer file); Computer animation; Computer graphics

John Ratcliffe

Hyperbolic Geometry; Hyperbolic spaces

William Shakespeare

Roger T. Stevens

C (Computer program language); Computer programs; Fractals; Logiciels; C (langage de programmation); Fractales; C (Langage de programmation); Accessible book; Protected DAISY; In library

Steven D. Levitt

Economics; Sociological aspects; Sociological aspects of Economics; Psychological aspects; Psychological aspects of Economics; Accessible book; Protected DAISY; OverDrive; Business; Nonfiction; New York Times bestseller; Economia (aspectos sociais); Economia da informação; Économie politique; Aspect psychologique; Economia (aspectos psicológicos); Aspect sociologique; nyt:paperback_business_books=2012-02-25

Dee J. Hill

Circus; Circus performers

Alexander Schure

Radio frequency modulation