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Luigi Pirandello

Translations into English; Protected DAISY

Robert David Steele

Open source intelligence

Friedrich Engels

History; Property; The State; Primitive societies; Family; Families; Genealogy; Primitive Society; Morgan, Lewis Henry, 1818-1881. Ancient society; Protected DAISY; In library

Douglas Adams

Ford Prefect (Fictitious character); Drama; Arthur Dent (Fictitious character); English Science fiction plays; English Radio plays; Protected DAISY; In library

Cox, Jeff

Color in gardening; Perennials; Protected DAISY; Accessible book; In library

Lee Frost

Light filters; Photography; Protected DAISY; Accessible book

James Kakalios

Comic books, strips; Comic books, strips, etc. in education; Comic strip characters; History; Nonfiction; OverDrive; Physics; Science; Science in popular culture; Sociology; Study and teaching; Comic books, strips, etc., in education; Protected DAISY

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov

Kurt Saxon

Bombs; Explosives; Poisons; In library; Protected DAISY

Tom Rusk

Comprehension; Interpersonal conflict; Moral and ethical aspects; Moral and ethical aspects of Negotiation; Moral and ethical aspects of Persuasion (Psychology); Negotiation; Persuasion (Psychology); Protected DAISY; In library

Judith S. Bowman

Accessible book; Protected DAISY; Relational databases; SQL (Computer program language); PL/SQL (Langage de programmation); Programming Languages; Handbooks; Bases de données relationnelles; In library

Dirac, P. A. M.

Quantum theory; Matrix mechanics; Wave mechanics

George Ledin

Computer programming

Brian Sawert

Microcomputers; Computer interfaces; SCSI (Computer bus); Programming