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James Ward Brown

Functions of complex variables

Melanie Mitchell

Franco P Preparata

Geometry; Data processing

International Workshop on Computational Geometry (1988 Würzburg, Germany)

Congresses; Data processing; Geometry

Dan McNeill

Richard J. Beach

Debra Littlejohn Shinder

John L. Hennessy; David A. Patterson

Computer organization; Computer interfaces; Computer engineering; Computers; Design and construction; Computerarchitektur; SIMD; Informatik; Hiérarchie mémoire; Architecture des ordinateurs; Performance logiciel; Mémoire cache; MIMD; MIPS; Mémoire virtuelle; Compilateur; Entrée-sortie; Architecture pipeline; Base donnée; Arithmétique ordinateur; Architecture parallèle; Softwareentwicklung; Conception et construction; Ordinateurs; Architecture ordinateur; Conception ordinateur; Performance ordinateur; Système exploitation; Accessible book; Protected DAISY; In library

Robert J. Baron

Case studies; Computer architecture

Michael J. Flynn

Microprocessors; Computer architecture; Design and construction

David A. Patterson

Computer architecture; Electronic digital computers; Design and construction; Protected DAISY; In library