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Don Lancaster

Transistor-transistor logic circuits

Robert Gordon Middleton

Accessible book; Protected DAISY; Receivers and reception; Repairing; Television; In library

Don Lancaster

Information display systems

Photography; Technique; Protected DAISY; Accessible book; In library

Grover Cleveland Loening

Aircraft industry

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Chet Meyers

Reasoning; Study and teaching; Thought and thinking

JL Frontin- Gimenez

Rebecca E. Burnett

Accessible book; Protected DAISY; Technical writing; In library

David Cook

Strang, John

Termcap; Terminfo (Computer file); UNIX (Computer file)

Strang, John

Termcap; Terminfo (Computer file); UNIX (Computer file)

Michael X

Cem Kaner

Testing; Computer software; In library

D. W. Barron

Computerized typesetting; Desktop publishing; NROFF; TROFF; Text editors (Computer programs); UNIX (Computer file)