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Alexandra Collins Dickerman


Ralph P. Grimaldi

Mathematics; Computer science; Combinatorial analysis; Algebra; Electronic data processing; Mathématiques; Protected DAISY

Susanna S. Epp

Mathematics; Computer science; Protected DAISY; In library

David A. Holzgang

PostScript (Computer program language)

Nancy A. Lynch

Hagit Attiya

Andrew S. Tanenbaum

Distributed operating systems (Computers)

George F. Coulouris

Electronic data processing; Distributed processing; Distributed operating systems (Computers)

Narain Gehani

UNIX (Computer file); Word processing; Protected DAISY

Narain Gehani

UNIX (Computer file); Word processing; Protected DAISY

Lawrence O'Gorman

Image processing; Digital techniques; Protected DAISY; In library

Scott Adams

Dogbert (Fictitious character : Adams); Comic books, strips; Accessible book; Protected DAISY; In library

Smith, Kevin

Nancy Lublin

Psychological aspects of Work; Psychological aspects; Nonprofit organizations; Performance; Work; Organizational effectiveness