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John Taylor Gatto

Philosophy; Education; Biography; Educators; community; networks; Compulsory Education; Educational sociology; Aims and objectives

Frank Herbert

Accessible book; American Science fiction; Dune (Imaginary place); Fiction; Fiction in English; Hugo Award Winner; Imaginary places; OverDrive; Protected DAISY; Science Fiction; Translations into Russian; award:hugo_award=1966; award:hugo_award=novel; prize:hugo; prize:nebula; In library

Rose Estes

In library; Protected DAISY

Hugh Howey

Imamu Amiri Baraka

Danny Goodman

HTML (Document markup language); DHTML (Document markup language); JavaScript; web design; web development; programming; web browsers; Protected DAISY; In library

Jacob Bear

Fluid dynamics; Groundwater flow



Jon Stewart

New York Times bestseller; nyt:hardcover_nonfiction=2010-09-19

Scott Slaughter

Desktop publishing; Digital cameras; Digital techniques; Images, Photographic; Photo CD technology; Photographic Images; Photography; Software

Pol Martin

Accessible book; Protected DAISY; Cookery; In library