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David Bordwell; Kristin Thompson

Motion pictures; Aesthetics; Accessible book; Protected DAISY; Esthétique; Filmkunst; Cinema (Estetica); Cinéma; Realism; Ace Ventura Pet Detetive; L'Age d'or; The Age of Innocence; All Qiuet on the Western Front; All the President's Men; The Americano; American Graffiti; Amistad; An Andalusian Dog; Un Chien Andalou; Aparajito; L'Argent; The Arrival of the Train at La Ciotat; Ashes and Diamonds; The Asphalt Jungle; Assault on Precinct 13; Austin Powers; L'Avventura; Back the the Future; Badlands; Bambi; Bangkock Dangerous; Barravento; Barton Fink; Beetlejuice; Being John Malkovich; Belle de Jour; Bianco e Nero; Billy the Kid vs Dracula

Diana Weynand

Motion pictures; Video tapes; Data processing; Final cut (Electronic resource); Editing; Digital video; Handbooks, manuals

Wayne L. Winston

Susan Elizabeth Hough

Tony Robles

Paul Freiberger; Michael Swaine

Case studies; Computer industry; Entrepreneurship; High technology industries; History; Microcomputers; Wealth; Accessible book; Protected DAISY

James Floyd Kelly

Robots; LEGO toys

George A. Gratzer

Computerized typesetting; LaTeX (Computer file)

Manny Tan

Tom Muck

Authorship; Flash (Computer file); Interactive multimedia; Web site development

Edwin Abbott Abbott

Royal Eugene Collins

Fluid dynamics; Permeability; Porous materials

Frank M. White

Landau, Lev Davidovich

Fluid mechanics; Hydrodynamics; Elasticity

Anthony Esposito

Fluid power technology