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Julius Wess

Supergravity; Supersymmetry

Cynthia Rowley

Life skills guides; Women; Psychology; Success; Teenage girls; Protected DAISY; In library

Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc.

American Telephone and Telegraph Company; Electronic Telephone switching systems; History; Telecommunication; Telephone; Telephone stations; Telephone switching systems, Electronic

Gary DeWard Brown

Programming; IBM 370 (Computer); Job Control Language (Computer program language); IBM 370 (Ordinateur); Programmation; Auftragssprache; JCL; IBM 370; Protected DAISY; Accessible book; In library

Michael Kosta Loukides

UNIX (Computer file); Operating systems (Computers); Accessible book; Protected DAISY; In library

Gian-Paolo D. Musumeci

Operating systems (Computers); UNIX (Computer file)

N. Levan

Signal theory (Telecommunication); System analysis

W. Richard Stevens

TCP/IP (Computer network protocol)

W. Richard Stevens

TCP/IP (Computer network protocol)

Donald Knuth

Computerized typesetting

Arvind Borde

Computer programs; Computerized typesetting; Mathematics printing; TeX (Computer file)

William Barden

Programming; Assembler language (Computer program language); TRS-80 (Computer)

Don Lancaster

Transistor-transistor logic circuits