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Derrick Jensen

Edward Gibbon

Terence Parr

Syntax; Parsing (Computer grammar); Programming languages (Electronic computers)

William von Hagen

Samuel J. Leffler

BSD4.3.; UNIX (système d'exploitation des ordinateurs); UNIX; Protected DAISY; Accessible book

Don Norman

Jean-Dominique Bauby

Biography; Cerebrovascular Accident; Cerebrovascular disease; Health; Large type books; Paralytics; Patients; Periodical editors; Personal narratives; In library

Rudolf F. Graf

In library; Sex; Sexual ethics; Polyamory; Non-monogamous relationships; Free love

Robert M. Axelrod

Games of strategy (Mathematics); Conflict management; Egoism; Cooperativeness; Social interaction; Consensus (Social sciences); Prisoner's dilemma game; Egoism. 0; Consensus; Accessible book; Protected DAISY; Égoïsme; Samenwerking; Consensus (Sciences sociales); Speltheorie; Conflictmanagement; Interaction sociale; Coopération (Psychologie); Gestion des conflits; Jeux de stratégie (Mathématiques); Gefangenendilemma; Kooperatives Verhalten; In library; Consenso (Ciencias sociales); Juego Dilema del prisionero; Egoísmo; Juegos de estrategia (Matemáticas); Cooperación (Psicología); Solución de conflictos; Interacción social; Social psychology; Social groups

Michael Metcalf

F (Computer program language); FORTRAN (Computer program language); F (computer programming language)

Neal Boortz

Income tax; Taxation; Law and legislation; Popular works; OverDrive; Nonfiction; Politics; Protected DAISY; Accessible book