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Aaron Hillegass

Cocoa (Application development environment); Mac OS; Macintosh (Computer); Operating systems (Computers); Programming; Protected DAISY

Steve McConnell

Development; Computer software; Handbooks, manuals, etc; Handbooks, manuals; OverDrive; Computer Technology; Nonfiction; Software para computadora; Programmation; Desarrollo; Ontwikkeling (proces); Développement; Programmatuurtechniek; Logiciels; Ordinateurs; Guides, manuels; Manuales; Software; Protected DAISY; Accessible book; Programmeren (computers)

Peter Seibel

Programmatuurtechniek; Programmierung; Computer programmers; Computer programming; Interviews; Programmierer; Computerprogrammeurs

Stephen K. Reed

Cognition; Cognitive psychology; Accessible book; Protected DAISY; Apprentissage, Psychologie de l'; Leren; Information, Traitement de l', chez l'homme; Cognitie; Résolution de problème; In library

Michael S Gazzaniga

Cognitive neuroscience

Izu Vaisman

Differential Geometry; Differential forms; Geometry, Differential; Homology theory

Mark D. Fairchild

Color vision

Henry Horenstein

Color photography; Handbooks, manuals

Henry R. Kang

Color; Imaging systems; Protected DAISY; In library

Nancy Riegelman

Amy Bloom

Friendship; Family; Fiction; Protected DAISY; Accessible book

Carl Sagan

Comets; Accessible book; Protected DAISY; Halley's comet; Komet

Donald C. Kreutner

BASIC (Computer program language); Commodore 64 (Computer); Computer programs; Programming

Whitley Strieber

Unidentified flying objects; Sightings and encounters; Human-alien encounters; Life on other planets; Accessible book; Protected DAISY; In library