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C. J. Date

Database management; Query languages (Computer science); SQL (Computer program language); Banques de données; SQL (langage de programmation); Gestion; SQL; Protected DAISY; Accessible book; In library

Petr Beckmann


Bell Telephone Laboratories, inc.

American Telephone and Telegraph Company; History; Telecommunication; Telephone

Philip B. Meggs

Book design; Commercial art; Graphic design (Typography); History

Jay Barbree

Exploration; Hubble Space Telescope (Spacecraft); Orbiting astronomical observatories; Hubble Space Telescope; Protected DAISY; Accessible book; In library

Andrew Chaikin

Project Apollo (U.S.); History; Space flight to the moon; Project Apollo (U.S.).; Protected DAISY

Sayles, John

Fiction; History; Protected DAISY

Diana Hacker

English language; Grammar; Handbooks, manuals; Handbooks, manuals, etc; Rhetoric; Protected DAISY; Accessible book

Ian O. Angell

Computer graphics

Rubin H. Landau

Microcomputer workstations; Computer software; Supercomputers

Bill Bryson

Science; Popular works

Ted Kaehler

Smalltalk-80 (Computer system); Smalltalk-80 (Computer program language); SMALLTALK 80; Smalltalk-80 (Langage de programmation); Smalltalk; Smalltalk (langage de programmation); Accessible book; Protected DAISY; In library

David Berlinski

Calculus; Popular works; In library; Protected DAISY

Naomi Rosenblum

Photography; History; Fotografie; Geschichte; Histoire; Photographie; Protected DAISY; In library

Cathy Gadecki

Asynchronous transfer mode