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I. C. Pyle

Ada (Computer program language); Ada (Langage de programmation); Linguagens De Programacao (Ada); ADA; Protected DAISY; In library

Scott Kelby

Photography; Adobe Photoshop; Digital techniques

American Cooking

John Scalzi

Life on other planets; Fiction; Accessible book; Protected DAISY

John Paul Schaefer

Handbooks, manuals; Photography

Jackson Turner Main

Constitutional history; History; Politics and government

Ron Brinkmann

Computer graphics; Image processing; Digital techniques; Protected DAISY

Multiprocessors; Multiprogramming (Electronic computers)

Rick Riordan

Mythology; boarding school; quests; thieves; adventure; monsters

R. Nigel Horspool

Henrik Ibsen

Wilson Harvey

Cheryl Dangel Cullen

Dru Lavigne

Verity Stob

Computer science