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Tom Wolfe

Astronautics; Astronauts; Accessible book; Protected DAISY; In library

Paul Tsongas

Economic policy; Politics and government; Liberalism; Accessible book; Protected DAISY; In library

Gaius Petronius Arbiter

Fiction; Latin Satire; Translations into English; Literary collections; Translations into Spanish; Translations into French; Translations into Italian; History; Translations into German; Humor; Readers; Latin language; Latin literature; Latin Inscriptions; Criticism and interpretation; Accessible book; Latin fiction; Protected DAISY; In library; Popular Print Disabled Books

James L. Heskett

Accessible book; Consumer satisfaction; Customer services; Employee loyalty; Industrial productivity; Protected DAISY; Satisfaction au travail; Productiviteit; Klantgerichtheid; Controle de qualidade; Klantenservice; Consommateurs; Satisfaction; Attitudes; Relations avec la clientèle; Consumidor; Personnel; In library

John Steinbeck

Fiction; Manners and customs; Satire in Fiction; Political Fiction; Politics and government; Protected DAISY; Accessible book; In library

Nate Silver

Bayesian statistical decision theory; Theory of Knowledge; Forecasting; Methodology; History

Philip K. Dick

Fiction; Presidents; Androids; Presidents' spouses

Clark, Elmer Talmage

Religion; Sects

Marvin Minsky

Human information processing; Intellect; Philosophy; Science

Guy Debord

Social psychology; Proletariat; Social classes

Robert Zeidman

Forensic sciences; Copyright; Intellectual property; Law and legislation; Intellectual property infringement; Software protection; Computer crimes; Investigation; Computer programs; Prevention; Computer software

Alexander Lagos

Comic books, strips; History

Tracy Kidder

Computer engineering; Data General Corporation; minicomputers; Design and construction; Electronic digital computers; History; Popular works; Protected DAISY; Informatica; Ouvrages de vulgarisation; Conception et construction; Ordinateurs; Accessible Book; In Library

A. E. Wilson