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Computer programming

Eric Sink

Development; Computer software

Spider Robinson

Fiction; Police; Psychics; Serial murders; Widowers

Keith Jack

Data processing; Digital television; Digital video; Handbooks, manuals; Interactive video; Microcomputers; Nonfiction; OverDrive; Technology; Television; Video recording; Video recordings

Andrew F. Inglis

Television; Digital video; Protected DAISY

Howard Rheingold

Computer simulation; Virtual reality; Cybernetics; Human-computer interaction; Interactive computer systems; Science; Technology; Accessible book; Protected DAISY; Réalité virtuelle; Cyberspace; Simulation par ordinateur; Kybernetik; Virtuelle Realität; Computersimulation; Intelligence artificielle; Virtuele werkelijkheid

Stephen E. Palmer

Tristan Needham

Functions of complex variables; Mathematical analysis

Paul Mahler

Peniel E. Joseph

African Americans; History; Politics and government; Race relations; Intellectual life; Civil rights; Civil rights movements; Black power; Protected DAISY