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Eugene Hecht

Optics; open_syllabus_project

Amir H. Majidimehr

Operating systems (Computers); UNIX (Computer file); UNIX; Tuning; Accessible book; Protected DAISY; In library

Michael Joseph Wolfe

Compilers (Computer programs); Supercomputers

Steven Feuerstein

Oracle (Computer file); Relational databases; PL/SQL (Computer program language); SQL/ORACLE (Computer program language); Database management; Accessible book; Protected DAISY; Oracle; Programmeertalen

Robin Schumacher

Alice Rischert

Guy Harrison

Oracle (Computer file); Relational databases; SQL (Computer program language); Protected DAISY

Dave Ensor

Database design; Relational databases; Oracle (Computer file); Accessible book; Protected DAISY; Gerenciadores de banco de dados; Oracle; Banco de dados; Databanken; In library

Janice Gorzynski Smith

T. W. Graham Solomons; Craig B. Fryhle

K. Peter C. Vollhardt

Organic Chemistry; Textbooks; Problems, exercises; Chimie organique; Problèmes et exercices

K. Peter C. Vollhardt

Organic Chemistry; Problems, exercises; Textbooks; Problèmes et exercices; Chimie organique; In library

Abraham, George

Greenhouse gardening; Organic gardening; Jardinage biologique; Culture en serre; Accessible book; Protected DAISY; In library

Virginia Woolf

Fiction; Sex role in fiction; Sex role; History; Transsexuals in fiction; Transsexuals; Nobility in fiction; England in fiction; Nobility; Women in fiction; Men; Men in fiction; Women; England; Facsimiles; Historia; Ficción; Sackville-West, V. in fiction; Gender identity in fiction; Characters and characteristics in literature; Textual Criticism; Mujeres; Hombres; Gender identity; Characters and characteristics in literature in fiction; English Manuscripts; Manuscripts; OverDrive; Literature