The bell curve

Author(s): Richard J. Herrnstein

Published: 1994


Dewey Decimal: 305.9/082

Subjects: Educational psychology; Intellect; Intelligence levels; Nature and nurture; Social aspects; Social aspects of Intelligence levels; Cociente de la Inteligencia; Genetics; Erfelijkheid en omgeving; Niveau intellectuel; Cognición; Environment; Klassenstruktur; Intellektueller; Psychopédagogie; Hérédité et milieu; Aspectos sociales; Intelligence Tests; Intelligentie; Social Class; Sociale klassen; Intelligence; Aspect social; Sozialverhalten; Etnische groepen; Psicopedagogía; Accessible book; Protected DAISY; In library; In library

Pages: 845

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ISBN: 9780029146736

OLID: OL1104602M


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